Yesterday I found out I was nearly out of brakes.
When I used to get new bikes every year I’d bring them home, tear them down to the frame leaving just the motor in & make it mine.
One of the things I always did is pull the calipers clean up the castings, cut off all the cheap Christmas trash, polish the shoe guide pins, drain the whale blubber brake fluid they shipped the bike with and put the good stuff in.
 I had to replace the shoes anyway so today I gave this bike the same treatment.  
Riding these bikes I always figured I was going to get hurt no matter what, everybody does and I didn’t want equipment failure to be the reason. 
It worked, every time I’ve found myself in the ER it was my fault not the bike.
Enough MX, Back to building bikes (maybe).

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  1. Nah, unlike OEM rubber the HD brake lines the stock MX lines are good. Honda used to have a patent on front line routing & we used to put the way shorter honda front lines on YZ’s & KX’s.

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