Dino is one of my interweb buddies from a land far far away.
Dino is in the process of final assembly of his 52 Vespa-Faro Brasso.
I’ve never been much of a vespa guy but every project Dino gets into turns out really nice with a touch of class that others often overlook.

I’m looking forward to your SR500 Dino.

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  1. vespa faro basso is a very rare piece (i’m not into vespas actually)…..it’s the same model used in the movie “vacanze romane” in the ’50.

    very nice piece!!!! -_-

  2. Diggin the scooter scene..once filling up at the local gas station
    i heard a buzz like bees descending upon me but it was a Moped gand called Moped Army..i love small bore/singles..hell i LOVE thumpers ALOT

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