Friday night we hit up Hensley’s for friends Pat & Tim’s birthday celebration. Jason Adams art show was opening, Tear in My Beer featuring Joe Wood & Matt Hensely played the first set. Matt stayed on stage joining  stand up bass & a fiddle player, it turned into nice Irish jam session. Good times.  
Also on Friday night I noticed BCM made the 10,000 hit mark, 5000 in month is scary.  I appreciate everyone checking it out and all the comments have been great as well. Keep them coming.
I spent Saturday working on my foot pedals as well as part of Sunday until afternoon when a impromptu super bowl/hot wing party came together. About a dozen people showed to eat, drink, and go home smelling like a deep fryer. West Coast wings are horrible, I grew up in N Western PA and the only place we can find wings even close to as good as The Sportsmen’s Tavern is in my kitchen. I only took two photos which is two more than usual.