On Saturday I found myself unmotivated to work on bikes, house, or my yard, but I did feel like eating & I have been wanting to do some ribs all summer. My job was the meat, BBQ sauce, & Beer. FYI, It’s about a ten beer (4 hour) ordeal as I noticed only two left on Sunday morning, so be prepared. The Ribs recipe I put together from trial and error over the years but the biggest tip I found is you cannot rush them. “Slow & Low that is the tempo”.
I picked the Vodka BBQ Sauce recipe for dipping & mopping from the BBQ Pit Boys site Bob had turned me on to. It was OK but I think I’ll try some of their other sauce recipes.
The girls made some mac & cheese, spinach/mango salad,the ribs were sweet, delicious, & didn’t last long.
It’s easy,You do…