I have three nephews, Drew, Sean, & Zach. Drew & Sean are the products of my sister Kate and brother in law Derek, Zach from my brother Matt. All three have interest and skills in BMX in some form or another. When we’re all together it usually turns into a session of some sort. wether it’s on a plastic Toys R Us ramp or a make shift step up we always have a good time & my 42 year old ass is sore for days afterwards.
Drew is the oldest and by talking or texting with him I’d swear he’s in his early 30’s, Drew also has the most natural skills & style on a bike or a skateboard but isn’t into it all that much. Zach just kind of goes with the flow and seems to enjoy the fun aspect more than the others. Then there’s Sean… Sean is the youngest at 6 years of age and has as obsession with BMX, I have never seen such drive and determination from a 6 year old! He’s at the track multiple times every week either doing clinics or the local races, he gets upset if my sister or brother won’t time him doing sprints in the driveway, so on & so on? Insane!
Sean currently sits #26 out of 215 in ABA Arizona district AZ04 with 1994 points and this weekend Sean and family are in Tucson where he will be racing his Third National as a 6 year old Intermediate.
Do Good Sean, Watch the lights & keep the rubber side down!
Tucson National Track, Hey ABA, the NFL doesn’t play on pop warner fields. Why do BMX Pros STILL race the same track as my 6 yr old Nephew?

Sean @ a local Phoenix race.


42 yrs old & still love the toy bikes. 

Hey Robo, Here’s a bump jump for ya.