CALVMX JT Series 2; Race 6 Honoring Multi Time Woman’s MX Champion Sue Fish
Final race of 2013 series.

I was excited for the the last race of the season and spent most of friday night rebuilding forks that had blown a seal last month. 
Well that all changed.
 Due to nonstop drizzle the seasons final race was a F#$kin mess.
 I only needed one lap to sew up the series #2 125 GP-1 Intermediate championship & if this wasn’t the case I would’ve stayed in bed. The track was 6″- 10″deep in sand mush soup so I opted to skip practice however the first moto ended up being so fun that I decided to stay for 2nd moto, Bad Idea.
Somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd lap mayhem the motor coughed choked & seized. 
Dragging a bike with a locked up wheel through a 150 yards of mud after an already long day was pretty brutal. I’m sure looked like the 4th stooge falling all over the place. At one point I was completely under the bike submerged in slop trying to kick the bike off my lap, Good times.
 I did get the Championship & somehow still won the day.

I couldn’t even begin tell you how the forks work.

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  1. Thanks Chris.
    Got her going again yesterday Marshall, not sure why?

    Ah, the never ending dutch bravado, I definitely call Bullshit on that one coach!
    You ride every week now?

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