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  1. that looks like a million dollars.
    needs a late 70’s Petty front fender, white.
    a number plate rear fender, white.
    semi polished bare aluminum on the tank with your BCM decal.
    paint the motor dark purple like it was dipped in paint then clear coated 35 times.
    paint the frame royal blue metal flake.
    white seat cover with 2 inches taller foam.
    day-glow pink grips.
    or none of the above because it looks great as-is.

  2. Love those old Yam thumpers. I had a bright orange Viper framed XT500 in high school (late ’70s). The motor was heavily breathed on and it sounded like Gods own trumpet of war blowing thru the tiny Supertrapp. It made a sweet little “street tracker”. Real attention getter… especially from the local constabulary. 😮

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