Maybe a 78 YZ125 for Hell on Wheels.

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  1. get one.
    polish the wheels, forks, triple clamps, shifter, silencer and swingarm.
    use white preston petty front fender.
    white numberplate rear fender from DC Plastics.
    no side panels.
    make a dark charcoal gray metal flake seat cover.
    modify an aluminum 1974 Yz125 tank to fit, in raw dull or sanded aluminum finish with BCM hand painted letters in white with black outlined.
    chrome bars.
    chromed exhaust pipe.
    JT Stadium front number plate in transparent white from Vintage Factory.
    wear early 1980’s pink and white riding gear with a metalflake painted Bell Moto3.
    Scott plastic boots.
    take bike to track in a 1976 Mazda
    mini truck.

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