I’m finally finishing up these mid controls and after some thought I decided to add a little more support to posts. Since I set precedence with the foot pedals it meant more blending of my crappy welds. Nothing a couple hours with a dremel can’t fix, the neighbors love the dremel too.
I really wish I had kept track of the ridiculous amount of time that has gone into these stupid foot controls. Almost ready for plating though & they’re just what I envisioned.

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  1. Don’t worry I started my i phones stop watch and it says you started at half past a monkeys ass and finished just a quarter till his balls. They look f’n Great!

  2. one of my high mid peg mounts broke in half going over some RR tracks. Good times.. I’ve been remaking some.. I hear your pain.. I must’ve spent 3 hours yesterday and they’re still not done.

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