One quad, 130lbs of chick, a pinch of proper riding attire, a heaping scoop of Arizona vegetation and a big pour of whiskey throttle. 
Mix it all together and viola, Good times!

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  1. Cholla balls are the best cactus for putting a hurtin’ on yourself. I’ll bet the quad was on singletrack. Jerks.

  2. Sorry..bad remark..when we lived across town this OLD lady(70 years)
    had a cactus in her back yard…she kept throwing the prickly pears OVER the fence and my 2 year old started picking them up and ran in crying…i collected all the ones she used to throw over and when i filled the bag i went and left it on her front door knob saying my daughters hands hurt so bad..KNOCK IT OFF..never happened again..she did pass on 2 months later..sorry

  3. oh fuck. i rode my bicycle into one of those jumping cactus’..what a bitch that was. we have so many in the desert behind our house and my dogs are always getting attacked by ’em.

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