Bench Mark is something we’ve been talking about for a few months now and recently decided to pull the trigger. Basically a collaboration between CECNC and BCM, Bench Mark
is the simple concept of small runs of parts, maybe even one off parts available to ya’ll on a first come first serve basis. However there may be one, there may be a dozen. There may be a demand and we’ll do more? At this point who knows?
What I do know is we will do our best to make sure everything we do will come out of here in a timely fashion with style and the durability to withstand the test of time, many miles and all at a decent price.
Right now we have a few finned points covers that Pat machined and I massaged by hand. There are already only four left, one shovelhead 2 bolt pattern & 3 sportster 2 bolt pattern.
$25 shipped in the US , $35 shipped outside the US.
If you want one. Email us and we’ll get it out.
If your interested I just put the last three up on the
Chop cult Classifieds

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  1. Thanks Mike!

    Matt, since there will seriously only be a few parts here & there I’ll post here on BCM & chop cult classifieds as well. If and when some momentum is achieved maybe an online store of some sort.

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