Jeff Tramaine actually turned me on to this camera back when Big Brother magazine was still being produced out of a closet behind the ramps in World Industries private skate warehouse. If  I remember correctly the loss of Big Brothers T2 became editorial a few issues after. “Earl Parker &  the T2”.  Earl had lost the expensive titanium-bodied luxury camera while covering a skate event.
Some years later and eight years ago from now my girlfriend (of then & now) bought me a used Contax in pristine condition off the Ebay. I’ve drug that thing around the world, ran a ton of film through it and she still shoots great photos with ease.  I haven’t used it much in the past year but an article linked from Defgrip BMX motivated me to get a new battery and some film. Hopefully somebody still processes film, although I supposed it’ll go right on a CD anyway?

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