So, the Kicker on my SR 500 kept hitting my original foot peg set up thus breaking the welds. At first I thought Man I really suck at welding. Well, I do but not that bad? I fixed them twice before I realized every time I started the bike I might as well be beating the peg with a hammer.
I began searching for a solution. I sat on my friend Bill’s bike “El Cheap O” at Chop Meet and liked the feel of the motocross pegs he had used, I knew McGoo had done this before as well so I assumed they must be on to something. Searching through Ebay I came across a slightly used set of YZF450 Titanium pegs for $25. I stared at them for a while and thought these might actually bolt right up. Then I thought, no way that never happens, a 1980 yamaha street bike versus a 2007 yamaha motocross bike? I figured what the hell they were $30 shipped and I bought them. the pegs arrived yesterday, with a very small amount of grinding, drilled out the mount hole a bit and they’re on! Straight, level, wide, grippy, light as hell. This never ever happens with me & Motorcycles.
If I ever have an original idea I could be dangerous.

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