A real nice holiday weekend it was. I put in a couple late nights on pipes and fried turkey is easy and delicious. My friend Nicole has me convinced to smoke the turkey next year, I asked if it was a mellow buzz.

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  1. Blue America, it’s all in the technique. Needs to be a large BBQ, turkey on one side w/out flame, 8-10 smoke packs (your choice of flavorful wood chips wrapped in foil) placed directly on the flame guards (remove the actual grill) on the other side. Apprx. 30 min. per pound, change out the smoke packs as needed and there you go. Oklahomans know how to get it done with the resources at hand….i.e. weed-whipper motor attached to a 20″ BMX bike.

  2. Good Eye Rob!

    I’m staying out of the OKC pride discussion, however Bob & I have been going to pick up the home depot smoker I think they’re $40?

    Thanks T & Neil. It’s nice to get back to working on it, I really just want to ride it down PCH for a Taco and a beer.

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