30% is purely my opinion.
But I’m guessing that’s the percentage of Harbor Freight products we really like, use on a regular basis and only cuss out once in a while. However the step bit sets are always great, always on sale & the extra few bucks for the Ti Nitride coated set is definitely worth it.
I just got around to the rear brake reservoir & bracket on this panhead.
The Reservoir itself is a cleaned up ebay after market deal for a sportbike.
The bracket was a bit of 1/2″ aluminum plate with two holes via the hand drill, step bits, some flap wheel shaping and a polished finish.
The fit is accurate enough that the resi is just sitting in there waiting to be tacked on the underside or maybe a set screw to hold it in place.
Step bits are a friend of mine.
Price them elsewhere, that alone will have you convinced.

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  1. that’s what you were talking about. I’ve seen those there, but I figured they’d just crumble to bits first time I used them.

  2. step bits from Lowe’s are CRAZY priced. I bought one for setting up the switches in the housing box I made for the sporty. Always great once you’ve got it home and working, but it feels wrong buying them at $30 a pop…..

  3. I probably should’ve mentioned that the HF Ti set of 3 is usually around $12, Non Ti $9. I’ve seen just one large bit for $80 at the real hardware stores.

    Seriously Mike, another comment peppered with the negative? Do you really think we overlook this kind of stuff?
    Go make something.
    LOL : ) Ha Ha. YAY! ?????

    Thanks J-Rod

  4. I have a but load of those bits, some of the pricey ones and some from China. As much as I use them, the extra cash on the good ones is worth it. The HF ones tend to get dull and break on the first few steps..

    Multi bits rule

  5. +1 on the HF step drills! Still, why do I feel a little ashamed chucking one up in the lathe? Its like theres some master machinest behind me just shaking his head.

    Great deburrers!

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