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  1. JB: that’ll be a hell of a ride!

    UM: I’m going to hog it out & breath on it a little.

    Jay: I can work on a piece of metal for days but video editing is way too taxing for me. That’s my friend Homer’s work.

    Cindy: I have a few loading and unloading stories for you.

  2. Definitely a neat little video, but I still have no idea what you’re intending to do other than make neat video snippets about motorbikes. What exactly is coming on June 25? Is this some kind of precursor for your apocalyptic propechies or are you just making a video about building a Triumph? Either way, you have my attention with that crafty camera work.

  3. …and I just put together that Born Free is June 25th, so maybe I was right about your predictions for the end of days.

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