so here’s a photo of how the Ducati Hypermotard should’ve left the factory.

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  1. Not my work, however I admire his. I can’t remember his name, Euro guy, he also did a couple super cars. a badass GT40 they ended up putting on it’s roof, Sad.

  2. I just saw that in Verona, Italy. It’s made by Walz. He makes really ugly 100,000 euro choppers that F1 racing drivers buy. They’re hideous, but this Duke and the retro 1000 he did are very nice.
    He’s a bit too fond of the Iron Cross for a German though. GI

  3. Gary or Ben,
    you said exactly what I was thinking.

    Tatted down with a iron cross/ Hard core frat boy ball cap and dolphin shorts?


  4. This bike is from ” Walzwerk ” a furhter company from marcus Walz.
    O.K. good idea, but to much mainstream … 😉

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