It’s moto Wednesday & that means pounding out a lot of frustration at the track.
Lately it’s been the only way I keep my sanity.

The photo is the legendary Carlsbad uphill.
I could never decide which took more out of you that long whooped out uphill or the white knuckle high speed downhill that followed.
The 20 Minuet + 2 lap motos didn’t help.

3 Responses

  1. spooky ass looking track if ya ask me.
    hard pack slick and to way to fast.
    I assume when that dirt has(had) just the right amount of moister then the traction is like suction cups on your tires.
    a little to wet and it’s slicker than wet ice.
    I remember watching the USGP on TV in 1973 or 1974.
    they shown Roger Decoster in slow-motion bouncing up a hill wide open and the front tire didn’t touch the ground the whole way, perfect balance and control.

  2. That dirt went from grease covered ice to bumped out blue groove. Because it was so muddy I always skipped first practice so my bike didn’t weigh an extra 30lbs.

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