Any tips, tricks, mods & or recommendations are much appreciated.

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  1. ME: yes all tig, I was just hoping someone had one of these things. I came with the thumb roller and a foot control is available .

    CC: No.

    I have a brand new gas lens setup somewhere I’ll find it & get started.

    Thanks Jay.

  2. Gas lens is a a great idea, and your thumb roller will come in handy. I used one of these at a Educators Seminar I was at. Runs pretty smooth, It just doesn’t have all the bells and whistles a Dynasty 200 has, but for the price you can’t go wrong. The MVP plug is ingenious, It’s light, the built in solenoid may seem like a luxury thing but is a must, and you have a pulser on it. What thicknesses will you be running on it?

  3. Playing around with some exhaust tubing scrap & I’m really digging this thing! Not too into the thumb control but I can see using it in tight spots and such with good results but for table stuff I want a foot pedal.
    Good call on the gas lens set up.
    What argon pressure do ya’ll recommend with it?

  4. Without a gas lens you want to run about 18-20 cfh, and with one you can run it about 12 cfh or a little less. The thumb control is a funny thing, across the pond about 80% use it and it’s about the exact opposite here in the states. At lease on your back welding you wont have to pull a “thigh master” move to get your welds done. Practice it in your spare time so you are ready in a bind.

  5. Ok I have to turn it down quite a bit then.
    I spent all afternoon with the thumby I can see using more than I originally thought.
    Thanks for all your help M.E.

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