I’ve been looking for a bike to ride the local beach paths, downtown parks & Carlsbad bar runs along side the “Little Lady” for a year now. Jeff @ Church of Choppers posted this hand built bike a few weeks back & when I saw the photos I thought that’s it, to top it off she was for sale.
So I struck a deal with “BrewDude” Steve, Stoked!
When it showed up I was blown away!
Steve’s work is amazing & the component selection is perfect. I cut down the bars a couple of inches just to make it mine and I’ll add a Brooks saddle but other than that it’s perfect
Photos don’t really do it justice especially on a gray day but I gave it a shot.

Top tube- Excell curved 1991
Seat tube- Excell 5 fluted 1991
Chainstays, Headtube, Fork Blades Reynolds
Mega Downtube, Seatstays- Nova

Cool components
1965 Yellow Band Internal 2 Speed Kick Back Coaster Brake Rear hub
1970 Zeus World Front Hub
1980 Sugino 171mm Cranks w/47t Exlite chainring
Mavic Open 4 CD rims
BREW True Bullhorn Handlebar/Stem Combo w/tapered & curved stem extensions, w/12 gauge bar plugs

link: Brew Bikes LLC

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  1. He’s been making excellent frames for years. Nice score. That kick back is nice. I want to see you ride that up the steep ass hill by your house!

  2. It’s a fun ride for sure. a lot of braking, shifting going on.

    Troy: Surprisingly the spinner gear is pretty light. I’d be really pissed off by the top but I bet I could make it.
    Probably not going to try though.

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