From the man who brought you the most blogged bike of 2008.
A great eye and the skills to make it come to life, plus A grip of great photo content including some of my favorite old BMX shots from way back in BMXA’s “Buildin Leapin Jones” days.  

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  1. thanks for that link. Stoked to see more photos of the Nikkisaki, as well as his splendid taste in Bicycle Motocross Action photos. I even e mailed him…

  2. You just made my day! I thought no one except for a couple friends even looked at my blog. Right now I’m staring out at 5 inches of snow and more starting to fall, feeling cooped up and bummed about it. So thanks! Your craftsman 15 modified tool is way cooler than lugging a peanut butter wrench around. Nice one!

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