I’ve been hitting the bike stuff pretty hard so thought today I’d take a break from it and get this light out of the way before we knocked it off the bench & jacked it up.
Few weeks ago my friend Cindy found a bunch of these light fixtures in an abandon building or someplace only she would find, I thought they were cool so she sent me one.
I’m sure this thing started life on top of a pole but I thought hanging it might be better.
After some scrubbing, a rewire & polish this is what I came up with.
Thanks Cindy.

Cindy+Nerd=Fashion Serial Killer

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  1. SWEET! Nice job bigger NERD! it’s so shiny on top. They are from a top secret spot that was once in a movie-they blew the place up and blew out all the windows and killed all the homing pigeons in there. They really pissed off P.E.T.A.

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