We’re off to ride around one of my favorite places in the whole world, Phoenix.
Love Cycles 1 year anniversary on Saturday afternoon and in the evening we’re headed to the current best indoor venue that allows dirt bike racing, Chase Stadium.
Round #2 of Monster Energy Supercross Series.
See ya’ll on Monday.
(Troy, man wish you were coming with, get that back handled.)

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  1. I wish so too Kim. It’s been raining and raining..and ..I think you have an idea how much I’d like to go.

  2. You know Cindy My family is there & that makes it extra good. If you don’t like where you live fucking move? Unless bitching about it is a hobby.

    Reed, maybe. Dungey, Hopefully.

    Beer, done. Zip ties, check!

    Crazy weather everywhere lately?

  3. Ha..I forgot bout your family living here…yes, bitching is my specialty, smartass. I just hate the summers and lack of other things I will not mention bcuz you will just make fun of me again! Boy, you sure told me!!! :o)

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