Six months ago I was hell bent on walking away from all of this and had every intention of doing so.
After going through what was basically an intervention conducted by my closest friends & family, I decided to give the parts business another go.
I realized not only do we have quite a few new things that will be super fun to bring to life, I also had some existing ideas that were never put to use.
These are them.
“It’s just a pinner Ribsey”

We’re including a slotted dome bolt as well as the flat head socket bolt with every air cleaner so you can change up the flavor a bit.
Thanks Troy.

We chose a high percentage open area stainless cage that allows more air flow to pass through quickly and easily.

5 Responses

  1. BAM! great work Kim, glad you stuck it out. a little bit of sour will only make the sweet that much sweeter. amazing looking products, great shots too. congrats!

  2. Kim
    I am so jealous of guys like you,
    you make these parts and then want out of the biz.
    I have so many cool ideas but i just dont have the info on the manufacturing process ……
    dont give it up man…
    your parts are top notch clean and simple.
    just my .02 cents for what its worth.
    id give my second kidney to be able to make the parts i think up

  3. so nice!!!

    so glad you decided to keep feeding all of us junkies.
    these new aircleaners are the fix i’ve been needing!

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