Pat spun a starter bearing yesterday & that put a halt to dialing in his bike for Saturdays ride so I took the opportunity to spend a few hours on the first working samples of the Bench*Mark Kicker pedal & air cleaner. So far I’m pretty pleased with both. Check them out but keep in mind there will be quite a few changes before they’re ready.
I’m thinking the logos will be different on the pedal, some of the lines softened up a bit, a smaller bolt. The air cleaner will be changed the most with no visable logo & a completely different look on the front, a different mounting system & possibly a bit thinner.
Freight Training.

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  1. Got it Scotty.

    The SR is staying like it is, I like it a lot.

    As for price & availability we’ll do out best to keep the cost down but first priority is quality and some sort of style. The pedal shaft will have to be farmed out and quite a few details need worked out on the air cleaner.
    Pat and I will hit it hard next week right now we’re packing for slab city

    Thanks guys I’m stoked on the response os far.

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