Chico Moto Troy, Dice Matt & Gilby Clarke all downed by cars in the past couple of weeks. What the Hell?
Heal quick guys & let’s all be careful out there.

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  1. fuck cars…that’s all I can say. when I drive my car, I’m so aware of my surroundings, but other people….they just don’t pay attention

  2. Plain and simple, they don’t see you, and are unaware. That’s not going to change.
    That being said, the majority of motorcyclists (all schools) I see (and some that I know) are severely under experienced in actually handling a bike, think that they’re visible… and then ride like fucking idiots, treating traffic and 2 ton Buicks like an obstacle course.
    Ride smarter.

  3. Hope they heal fast..i know firsthand myself and in 1985 went down twice in a month, none my fault..i had major road rash nothing broken but when i went for my checkup the doctor ripped a 3″ square piece of scab off without telling i can still feel it
    get better fellas, ride safe and sober

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