I found this photo online a while back simply titled “Quarry”.
It reminded me a lot of all those fun riding spots, you know the ones.

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  1. we had a spot where we rode called ‘the dirts’. it was right behind my house in between some little league fields and an overgrown corn field….many a mag wheel was taco’d at the dirts.

  2. We had a place at the end of Palm Ave just off the 805 freeway in South San Diego that we used to call “The Pits”.

    BMX, dirt bikes, 4×4 trucks, bon fires, etc. It was a great place to crash my spider mag equipped Mongoose!

    Its now a residential area called Ocean View Hills.

  3. 79-81 my favorite spot was a concrete quarter pipe like lip with a corner. It was in a Supermarket I’d have to shoot between cars sometimes to hit the best lip but it was good for an easy 4-5 feet off the top of the 6 foot high embankment… perfectly flat tabletops could be had with a nice landing down the other corner.. Freak the shoppers out. They smoothed out that part of the parking lot in 83 – lame.

  4. Fuckin’ great photo. We had a spot that was formed from the basement of a burned down house–basically another big dirt bowl. “Haunted Hills.” It got some love in Super BMX when one of the local guys tested bikes for them. Redline’s Scott Clark showed up one day for a photo shoot.

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