When we loaded up the family conversion van and road tripped to a demo to spectate summer tours were fun as hell. It was when I found myself on the payroll that I realized being on the road could get pretty rough. I wouldn’t change it though. We saw new places good and bad, did some amazing things & sometimes achieved small bits of rock star status.

Dave Voelker, Summer of 90
Rob & I used to session this spine ramp for hours, it was a hell of a lot more fun than the deathtrap of a halfpipe trailer that we carried it on.

Brian Blyther
Haro Tour

  Dizz Hicks
“Mad Dog” Moeller

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  1. bring’s back some memories.. like sitting in sleazy hotels in between the aba and nbl summer tour nationals in places like Evansville Indiana, Waterford Oaks, Michigan or Rochester, Ny.

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