A while back 4Q Max posted this crazy tank he was about to paint for Nao’s 71 Triumph & I was blown away and quickly learned it was the work of Brandon Casquilho over at Mullins Chain Drive
I track down Brandon and he agrees to do something, but I’m unsure of what I really want. after some back forth I order a repop set of 3.5 fat bobs and get them up to Mullins as decided.
Originally we agreed on just a simple axed tank, keep both fill necks & Brandon does that, sits it on his Panhead , sends me pics. I hated it and return a photoshopped pic of what I’m thinking. Now it’s start over & move to a new shop, time goes by and he emails me saying I think I figured something out you’ll be into. by this time I had pushed that bike to the side and was working on the SR500 to take to Chop Meet. Somehow I talked him into doing an overnight job on the SR tank and while I was up there make the decision on the tank for the Pan.  Personally I think the Ebay mustang tank he reworked makes that SR & we also decide on the final touch for the tank below. 
I’m going to keep the stock front frame mount and clip the rear, get the whole thing to T-Bone for mounting and petcock location then prep for paint. 
Viva La Mullins! Now Give him your business as I talked him into quitting his job during this & I  don’t want to lose sleep over it.

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