Well yesterday Erwin showed up with his immaculate little box trailer, I went over all the ins and outs of the bike then gave him a quick starting procedure lesson and proceeded to watch him gear up with a new “vintage” silver metal flake helmet, aviators & some bitchin new gloves then attempt to get the kicker to move let alone start the thing. After a few minuets I started it for him. he mounted up for his “test ride”, drug clutch up the street & disappeared. I turned and ask Bob how long should I wait to go rescue him? Bob said “UMMM 10 minuets?”
Ten minuets went by, I got on my bike and found him right around the corner. he starts frantically waving me over, new gear thrown in the bushes, sweat pouring off his face, I pull up and he says It just died, it just died at the light. I roll my eyes give it half a kick it fires right up. ” I thought it would be like a new Japanese bike” He says.
I take off back to the house, he follows, Bob and load the bike and send him on his way.
I probably should’ve included a nice set of links so he could wear it around his neck at the club.
Hey Bill, remember when you sold that gold Triumph?

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  1. Beautiful work! Too bad that bike is going to sit in his garage gaining no miles. I guess it will be in really nice shape when he sells it to get into something else.

  2. Thanks you guys & I am glad it’s gone I really want to get my panhead done.
    Jaymes at Blue Moon Kustoms worked magic on that tank, his work is beautiful.
    Hopefully erwin gets it all figured out or at least set’s it up next to a nice ligne roset sectional in living room?

  3. Hey Erwin
    Lemme get dibs on that thing when you sell it!
    Look me up on Chop Cult…

    The Animachine

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