I’ve had a lot going on as of late so posting has suffered but not as much as getting my own bike done. With the ERWN SR in limbo for a few days and everyone else having weekend plans I finally got to put in a few hours on this never ending FL project. With Bobs help we hoisted the motor in and out a few times to fit and change back to original rocker covers & D rings. I also spent a good amount of time fitting the fender. The rockers have a more original feel to me and allow the tank to fit the way Brandon intended. I’m super picky about this fender fitting properly, I think it’s a fine line between good & goofy on these swing arm bikes. It’s obviously not mounted yet but I’m pretty happy so far. 
Bob and I also got a great start on a pretty cool cable activated foot clutch set up for his FLH as he’s taking the leap to a belt drive,  jockey shift and kick only but I’ll save that for another post.

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  1. Thanks all, comments from some “good eyes” means a lot. It’s been a super fun project thus far & most of all a huge learning experience. I’ve been felling “Juicy” lately.

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