Feb, 2001 Kona Skatepark Jacksonville, FL. CFB Round 1.
Two things I really remember sucking about this event. First, dealing with the skatepark manager/son of the owner. I think his name was Marty or some shit. Secondly, trying to build dirt jumps with Florida sand. We couldn’t do anything about “Marty?” but we did find some clay to build jumps. However the clay had recently been dug from the bottom of a nearby swamp, it was still soft and wet. So we piled up the clay to resemble BMX jumps and covered the take offs and landings with plywood. The cool thing was the clay felt like modeling clay and one our crew, Davin “Psycho” Halford sculpted a few skulls into the sides of jumps.
That contest did have cool vibe as Kona is the oldest running park in the world and the original concrete bowls and snake run are super fun.
The riding photos below are Davin filming for an Mtv/Jackass Evel tribute segment. It’s just one example of how Davin got the “Phsyco” nickname.