I had a few emails regarding my back burner Norton project so here’s pretty much how it sits today. I’ve never been happy with the stance or proportions so figuring that out is first on the list. Even Wilcox did the tins to my specs and will rework the tail section as I’ve never been happy with the size, shape or seat area. Evan is an amazing fabricator and he now teaches a sheet metal forming class at The Crucible which he tells me I need to attend soon. The headlight was robbed for the BMW where it’s a better fit any way.  I suppose the motor & trans need rebuilt, hogged out and breathed on a little bit. 
Making motivation & finding time seems to be the largest obstacle?

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  1. I would drop everything to start on it,then 5 mins later start something else.lol I cant wait to see what comes out of this bike.true cafe racer, unlike jap racers i build

  2. I wonder how that too-long tail would look on on bigger bike like a modern Bonneville??? Once you find time and motivation Kim let me know where they were hiding, I could use some too! That bike will rule someday, you’ve got a lot more experience since you started that thing and I can’t wait to see what it ends up looking like.

  3. i like how the bike looks in the first photo… then you can see the weird proportions on the next photos.. this tail will look good on a caferacer with 180/190 tire!

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