Occasionally I involuntarily test motorcycle helmets & I  have to give these One Ind. helmets a big thumbs up 
There’s six dead helmets on the shelf, 3 of which are from One Ind & although the helmet above looks pretty bad and I did end up with a pretty good concussion, I never went out. Remaining conscious is nice, I really don’t like waking up with strange people freaking out in my face.
Thanks ONE Ind.

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  1. Ive been riding since the age of 3 and a good helmet was always #1
    Saved my skull more times than I can count. I always remember thinking “cool im not fuckin dead!”
    I always seem to kill or at least hurt the integrity of a helmet before I get the chance to buy a new one. The last on I got was an icon and its sweet. I just hope it doesnt end like all the others.

    Glad your not dead

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