The 1Moto Show
Portland, OR.

 Eric Black & Myself
Best Design Award

Hand Forged

Danner Boots was a show sponsor so we stopped by & put the invite builder coupon to good use.
Thanks Danner.

Here’s some random phone snaps from last weekends 1 Moto Show.
We had a blast making a ton of new friends, hanging out with some old ones. We ate & drank up Portland and it all made for some great times!
ED Norton was chosen for “Best Design”. 
The award was created & presented by hot rod design guru Mr. Eric Black. 
Thank you Eric
This show had so many amazing bikes from some of the best & for me to come out with honors is mind blowing, I keep thinking I’m going to wake up from this dream.

Huge Thanks to Thor for including my work & The Deus crew for shuttling my bike.
I have a big thank you list but none of you read this crap & you all know who you are anyway so, Thank you.

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