It’s moving along kicking and screaming every step of the way. 
Tomorrow new brake lines made up and routed, under seat electrical tray & bits mounted, bracket seat pan, (& the Beemer’s seat too). The rest of the week, the new carb, air filter & throttle set up arrives ready for installation, shape the seat foam, come up with a tail light and license plate mount. Then  finish cutting, fitting & mounting the tank. Only to tear it all apart again.

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  1. Man my thoughts exactly..i sold off most of my stash to keep going in the economy and wound up with a 1969 CL90 when all the SR500’s were
    going for more than what i had but when finished with the restoration i can re-up for an SR or XT and do it bratstyle…but the MINIMALIST attitude of this bike screams Hot Rod

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