The bike was picked up two weeks ago yesterday.
The owner hasn’t been capable of starting it let alone riding the hell out of it?
I’m glad I busted my ass on that one, Bummed.

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  1. sorry to hear about that…it’s gotta really be a downer after all the hard work you did, especially when you know that the bike’s fine!!!

    i remember your story of him coming to pick it up and not being able to start it when he stalled on his test run…is this the guy’s first kickstart thumper?

  2. that is a sweet’s a shame
    i’m sure you showed him the ritual!
    request resumes on subsequent builds of SR based sleds

  3. Well I’m probably going to have to help him out, again. I’m not a 100% positive but I think he’s into riding it? He just doesn’t understand the starting procedure.
    In Erwin’s defense if your not at least somewhat familiar with how an engine works the SR is hard to fire. I’m also thinking strength may be a factor? However I’ve seen a 90lb Japanese girl kick over that shovel in the header photo in flip flops, daily?

  4. Erwin,
    Lighten your load! I’ll buy that SR and you can go get yourself a brand new Ninja 250 with get this, it’s the best part, an electric start!
    Call me!

    The Animachine

  5. That’s a total bummer. That bike turned out killer! Those SR’s can be a pain to start if you’re not familiar with them. He needs to kick that sucker like it owes him money.

  6. Kim i dont remeber but does this bike has the stock carb? they stock ones suck big time.. mine has a race Mikuni, a couple of throtle twists, find TDC, choke it and kick and usally starts first time… never kicks back…

    maybe he got a kickback and got scared… they can kick like Mules if kick it the wrong way.. LOL

  7. No I switched up the carb first thing to a VM36 kit from thumperstuff. Mark does a little slide work & pre jetting it’s pretty much plug and play. This bike starts way easier than mine. Erwin just doesn’t know how to kick start a bike & by watching him here the day he picked it up I’m thinking it may be a fitness issue as well?

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