I let myself be taken out of the game.
Victim of a double, triple, triple section that I had done a bunch of times the day before. However on this day it was a windy crowded Saturday near the holidays and the track was supper dry & dusty all the main lines were blue groove.
The double an easy 30 footer, the triple, triple was jumping the entire whoop section in two steps. First three fine but when I landed I got wheel spin bad and I knew I was coming up short for next three, panic rev wide open in hopes of getting spit out unscathed.
No such luck, I was catapulted over the bars and immediately run down by my own cart wheeling bike.
Shattered hip socket, tag team of two surgeons & five hours later I was unable to walk for three months but by far the most pleasure was giving myself blood thinner injections to the abdomen twice a day for a month.
Huge Thanks to Brian, Tony, Mitch and Blair if it wasn’t for you guys I’m not sure how that whole thing would’ve turned out.
A few bottoms up to you guys this evening, Thank You!

Dec 16-04 Simon Cudby photo

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  1. Glad you survived it and were still able to walk. Bailey, Magoo, not so lucky. Motocross is a cruel mistress.

  2. I pulled a similar move back in ’98… Cased a triple and my YZ attacked me. Torn ligaments and broken bones, but nothing quite as gnar as what you had to deal with.

  3. got some broken fingers and lots of sprains and one broken foot/ankle..but i was far more lucky than you..mine was my ego i guess..you are LUCKY..i can feel the weather change easily

  4. Well T, I aggree & at the 5 year mark I will also stop dwelling on it. I have had the pleasure of spending time with both DB & Magoo a few occasions both very inspiring however at opposite ends of the spectrum.

    Injuries are part of it doesn’t matter how talented you are your going to get hurt, everyone does and it’s up to you when you call it a day.

    Cindy- the sheer magnitude of that photo angle would send you running.

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