I’ve been considering a different daily rider. I really like about 75% of the Hyper Motard but the Battlestar Galactica headlight/front fender combo & the GIANT ass friendly saddle need to go.
The “hardcore” Walz bike is nice work. My eye says the Honda CRF seat, rear fender and pipes on the Ligurian bike are pretty close to right. Other than the billet wheels Roland Sands direction is an inviting rider as well and maybe my favorite so far.

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  1. nice renditions for sure- take a peek at an aprilia 550sxv. HUGE bang for the $buck. and the performance (up to 65mph) might just take you by surprise…

  2. I hope you like gas stations, the Hyper motard has something like a sub-12-litre tank (less than 3 US gallons). OK for a barhopper, but not a daily rider, in my book. Shit, do I sound really old and sensible? The new Monster 1100 is great, but I’m not sure on the styling. All these Ducatis have been styled, where the original Monster (and the original Speed Triple) were engineered. I just rode one 2000 miles on the new Monster

  3. Man Gary I read that you did that iron ass Monster ride and your Verona coverage was cool also. One day I’d like come over for that show.
    As for the tank size all I’ll ever need or ask for 75 to 100 miles on a tank. My daily voyages are short and rarely over 60 miles, my beat up body doesn’t like sitting for much longer anyway.

  4. Bike magazine in England have given me a Ducati Monster 1100S for the year and the motor puts a smile on my face every time I ride it. If you’re still in the market for a new Duke I know you’ll love it. GI

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