Today I had to drive up to wheel works in Orange County and pick up  my relaced  front wheel also Rick the welder had finished my foot controls so Orange County to the Inland Impire, Stopped by Intense Cycles, finally met Rick – “the welder”, Bob showed me a really hi-tech prototype downhill bike they’re working on, then over to Hanks hardware for some acetone and misc grinding/sanding needs. A block or so from Hanks is the SnafuBiltwell HQ. I stopped in to see those guys & I’m really glad I did because it took all of 10 minuets  for McGoo to save me possibly days of headaches with the Harley 39mm front end retro-fit. He had just finished the same for his Street tracker project and learned all the model differences and how to make them. Then he proceeded to load me up with SNAFU goodies as I prepare my 20″ BMX gray for the up coming old school BMX weekend. Plus BF Josh & long time Bicycle Racer extraordinaire Eric Carter stopped by I hadn’t seen Eric in a long time, good guy. Josh too but I see him more often.
I had a lot of good stuff to play with when I got home, I started with the Snafu 30t. I needed to give something a new finish today.
Thanks for Everything McGoo.

I’m not a 100% sure on on using the 39mm instead of the wide glide maybe 95% ???  I  already lowered them 2″ from stock but they need at least another 2″ possibly 3″ hence the tie down. I’m going to try like hell to use that big six piston PM caliper but it may not be in the cards spoke clearance is scarce.
We call it the mock up fender. That beat up thing started life as full coverage FLH front fender from the swap meet, between Bob and I it’s been reduced to what you see, which is kind of close to what I have planned for the final. Craig at Front Street Cycle made a giant full fender with a 2″ skirt so I can cut my way down to where I want it.
Mid is just sitting partially on, I’ll clean that up tomorrow. I’m pretty motivated right now which has been rare lately.

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