It’s been a long week!
My patience has been severely tested, morals & values questioned and my ignorant people tolerance has hit an all time low. But I made it through without a fist fight or even too major of a blow up. Even though I’m a little bummed about not riding out to the Salton Sea with most everyone else It’ll be nice to get some shit done here.
There’s always next week.

Enjoy a little Tinker Juarez

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  1. I’m glad it’s Friday too. Wish I was riding out to the Salton sea! All the years I lived in LA and I never went out there. Lot’s of photo opportunities of people riding out there. There’s always something going on in Southern Cal .. I feel so left out up here in the Northwest.. although the weather is perfect right now. Should come up for the Dice Party in Vancouver.. how’s that for a ride?

  2. Man Troy it would take me ten days to get to Vancouver on that SR500 @ 65 mph & a 1.5 gal tank.
    Don’t feel left out at least you have water up there.
    Package coming your way this week.

  3. drive it up in the back of something.. then you can ride up with us 🙂 Dice-Dean says there’s some Dice Movie screening Party in Seattle before the Vancouver party the night before..

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