Rarely does a day go by that I’m not stoked on old dirt bike content over at the Instant Traction blog. Today was no exception, first this racy ad by the worlds best God Fearing burger chain and second the sepia photo of the whooped out down hill at the Mammoth Mountain MX track, both I have fond memories of.
link: Instant Traction

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  1. thanks guys.
    I started the blog in 07 as a place to save pics I saw on the web and music videos.
    not really intending anyone else to see my blog.

    remember way back in the old days all we had was a few magazines to buy and maybe a race or two on TV
    each year.
    we didn’t even had VHS tapes to watch.
    in a way that was good but we are very blessed today to have blogs and
    SPEED TV and such things.

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