Instead of buying a much needed computer, instead of going to Moon Eyes Japan with my friend Troy, I go and buy a another bike?
2000, 1400 miles, the dude need to make a mortgage payment so it was a score for sure.
Now to fry some turkey.
Happy ThankGiving

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  1. Wot.. how did that happen. I think we fell out of the same tree Kim.. not sure which one of us landed on their head harder..

  2. We’ve been wanting to do this bike for a a year or so and a 9 year old bike with 1400 miles on the clock for real cheap doesn’t come along too often.

  3. haha kim i think we both just got some good thanksgiving weekend shopping done! i just scored a wicked deal on a 73 shovel. your new ride looks so rad! what do you have in mind?

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