I made through another Las Vegas trip of debauchery, after an afternoon of recovery & detox I’m feeling pretty good. 
Wednesday night the annual Nora cup awards went down, it was good to see everyone but I’m convinced an open bar is a bad thing.
Thursday I slept in & finally rolled over to interbike mid afternoon. 
Some observations: 
Currently BMX has a contingent of opinionated hate, mostly know it all blogger types, WTF? 
This metro sexual, emo hair, Flat brimmed, “outlaw tagger/DJ look”, tight pants, Hoodys up, bullshit baffles me? I saw more bad bandanas than the David Lee Roth Eat ‘Em & Smile tour back in 87. Of course being 42 years old might have something to do with that.
Bicycle People are still complete Kooks, I guess I fit right in. 
I did see about a dozen must have bikes, it’s time to do a little buy, sell, horse trading, 
HDT is still holding it down, Coach should be proud, team members Steve Swope, Big Island, Michael Collins & myself uncorked night one, However Swope won hands down.
Haro primed Thursday nights activities with a 30th anniversary gathering of cake and beer in their booth which set the tone heading into the Mosh/Wasted space party over @ the Hard Rock. Wasted Space is Carey Hart’s latest endeavour with bike builder Jesse Rooke and as it is with everything Carey does it had style & soul, I know it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I had a great time & any cover band that opens with Ace of Spades is OK by me.  Yeah Lou!
Big Thanks to Haro’s Tony “D” your generosity never ceases to amaze me. Bob for my badge. Also Thanks to Steve Crandall & Jon Paul for the kick in the ass I needed to actually show up. Hey TC I’m link crazy today…
A giant piece over the bar @ WS, a Gazillion scanned & doctored band flyers with the hand stenciled logo, Carey and friend have about 60 hours in this

These next three photo’s are three Large ceiling lamp shades with an odd mix of illustration, I liked them.

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  1. Sorry I didn’t make it into your HDT posse, Kim. I got VIP treatment at the NORA Cup, posted up with The Absolute Commander and The Lumberjack for five hours and hit the hay sober and satisfied at 1am. I have seen the light, and it is green and goes “uh-uh-uh-uh! SNAP!”

  2. Scott are you the Gentleman’s Sunday Drunk?

    McGoo, at about Crew Jones we headed out to the bar & it wasn’t really a Posse but I saw Big first thing, Sloppy. Michael, 5 drinks in two hands, Me, Not sure about the cab ride home, Steve, A new High & deserves an HDT action figure!

  3. I’m not sure “Swope won”, you didn’t see me in the security line at LAS in the morning. Also, I’m pretty sure I embarrassed or at least made Crandall uncomfortable. I didn’t even know that was possible!
    Great night, let’s do it again in 3 years. Maybe the HDT action figure release party.


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