I guess it’s fun watching the current hard working good guy out there winning week after week, but It’s just not near as good as it was watching James Bubba Stewart change the way every professional racer rides a modern motocross bike.
Who would’ve thought the controlled crash of a peg dragging two wheel slide off the face of a jump would become standard practice?

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  1. He blows me away every time I see him ride. One year at the Seattle Supercross.. he got this one section of whoops followed by a double dialed by the end of the main. At this point he was so far ahead of second place it didn’t matter .. he could’ve relaxed a bit. Instead he seemed to go faster. He was doing a manual/wheelie straight through the whoops and right through the double. I couldn’t believe I saw him do it.. until he kept doing it for the next 4 laps. Wish he could stay healthy. It’s not the same with him out of it.

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