Yesterday I loaded up the ERWN SR500 and headed north to Duane Ballards place, went over the seat plans and left the pan with him for foam & covering. Duane also showed me a bunch of really cool bits for the Pink Taco project, the bike is going to be amazing, of course.
Thanks Duane.
From there I headed to the Biltwell & Chop Cult shop where Bill and McGoo showed me a bunch of new Biltwell product and also gave me the run down on the Chop Cult site. Already there’s a ton of great features to the site and I’m confident Chop cult will prove to be a great chop enthusiast web tool, exciting stuff. BCM is pumping it up for that reason & I’m pleased to be a part of it.

spy photo, a new biltwell bar

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  1. Craig, that bar design is older than both of us and Chris had a set on his pan long before you started making them.

  2. I guess your right, Bill.

    still bumms me out that they are made out of our country….I know they are cheaper, but is that what it is all about??????

  3. It’s about way more than price Craig. I look forward to talking to you about in person some day and not doing it over the internet.

  4. Man I go get some work done and a pier sixer breaks out?

    Well seeing as I’ve bought houses, cars, bikes, traveled the world and in general made a damn good living from products made in asia, it would be extremely hypocritical to jump on the american made band wagon. I do have an opinion but I’m not sure it applies.
    Craig I can certainly understand a little pissy moment on the design thing but seriously it’s all been done before or it all looks similar to something else. I’ve been there a million times. That issue alone should really just keep you on your toes & motivate. I mean yes you do the same type of bar, so does Scott Jones, so does Special 79 Jay and a dozen others. I’ve also seen all of the above do the same bar with 25 different crossbars, different materials, on & on. You get my point. When’s the last time you had requests for bars with dimples to accept 08 stock sporty controls? It’s not your customer and I would guess they won’t put a dimple in your market share.
    The Biltwell program may not be liked in all the so called “hard core” biker circles. but the guys behind that program are in it for all the right reasons and easily give back back as much as they take if not more and make a living doing something they love. At the end of the day they have all been my good friends for a lot longer than I’ve been into this so I with that alone I choose to support and defend.
    Both of you do great things and I’m stoked to have you on here.
    All is well.

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