Every few months I get the itch & for the last week or so I’ve been jonzing Extra hard!
I miss moto more than anything that I can recall ever losing or had taken away from me.
I miss getting new bikes every year, I miss building them, dialing them in, making them fit like an extension of your body. I miss the feeling of putting together a rhythm section for the first time, doing that new jump, pounding out laps and racing around with friends.
There’s nothing like peeling off dripping wet gear in the Inland Empires August heat only to climb in the truck and continue to sweat the whole way down the 15 fwy and being incredibly content with it.
For many many years I knew exactly what I was going to do every weekend, it was a given and everyone in my life knew it.
Well my body told me in a very loud voice that it had enough abuse so phased out motocross the best I could.
Now a days when I get the itch all I have to do is look at my x-ray photos and reminisce of what a good time all those injuries were and it all goes away; Well for a few months.

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  1. Man Marshall, I love to look at vintage bikes and I’ve ridden a couple but technology was always part of the reason I like mx. High And low speed adjusters, 4 strokes, chop and rythm lanes, coming up a knuckle short and being fine it’s all part of it.

    Thanks on the PC’s Pat and I have some work in on these ones. Horizontals are in CC classifieds.

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