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  1. A few of my riding buddies bought motomags for their ‘Gooses. Way cooler than the TuffWheels I had on mine(IMHO). I loved the sand cast look to them. Back then, Mongooses, along with a clone bike called DeCoster (Decosters had an oval in the neck gusset instead of the ‘gooses round hole)were made by BMX Products along with the motomags. Too bad the mongoose name’s been sold to a company that bought up some iconic American bike names and now plaster them on crap bikes. Every now and then I see them on a chop, I’d love an 18 rear and a 21 front for my little basement project.
    Sorry for the long post, every time I see the motomags I get a little nostalgic. 🙁

  2. That be it! I had it in Nickel (short frame). Make the one in your link red instead of black and you pretty much have my bike. I had Cook Bros cranks on mine. I got tangled up in it one too many times and shattered my collerbone so I moved up to a longer frame. The dealer I bought it from didn’t have a long DeCoster frame so I bought the ‘Goose instead.
    Man those pics bring back some awesome memories! Thank you!
    I’m really dating myself here alo. :p

  3. Those Ashtabula forks were pretty much must have too. They weren’t as stiff as the later tubes which made them a little “livelier”. That’s why I hung onto mine when everybody was switching to tubes. Also, back then BMXer’s were pretty much kit bikes. You bought the frame then cheery picked your favorite goodies to throw at it. Half the fun right there.

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