Working in the snowboard industry through out the 90’s usually meant a couple of trips per summer to snow camps on Mt Hood in Oregon. If the weather was good it was fun, snow to ride until afternoon, ramps galore until sundown and micro brews way into the night.
Summer of 96 we had our team product meeting and it rained the entire week, I think we clocked somewhere around two hours on the mountain. Fortunately it was a warm rain, the cabin we we rented had a cord of wood, horse shoe pits & a near by liquor store.
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  1. Don’t you love those rainy summer days on the glacier. I used to go Whistler in the summers to snowboard. One year it rained 23 days in a row. Cabin fever.

  2. Wow, forgot about that trip… Good fun was blowing up any possible incendiary device in the whole house… Brian, don’t you have some hair spray?

  3. We didn’t get cabin fever that year however we may have had moss growing on our shoulders.

    Didn’t Brian get super pissy with Jr over the hairspray thing and then pissed at all of us?

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