I’ve been a Tony D flow rider for quite a few years and I’ve had this Premium Products complete he gave me for a while now. It needed a little facelift for the Old School Reunion Weekend.  So I gave it a bit of  Scott Towne inspired paint and a lot of what my friend Bill calls my “Scotch-Brite Fetish” . Truth be told I’ve had the same three scotch brite pads for months so maybe Scotch-Brite is a new Pantone name for the shade of silver I’ve been hooked on for a year or so? 
BIG Thanks for the help and bits goes to  McGoo & SNAFU for wheels, Ti pegs, sprocket, & Pedals. Chris Raceles @ Haro/Premium hooked up the lhd crank arms & my new favorite Fat “wrist saver” tires. Sweet Lou  Capparelli  sent me a Duo/Rouge Status pivotol seat and post which is one of the cleanest set ups I’ve seen in a while. 
Thanks Guys, now I have to find my pads so I can roll around Woodward next weekend.

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  1. empire bmx atx… tom and tina, the backbone of trend before they became the rulers empire. man i’m old

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